Stafford kitchen cabinet makers

Stafford Kitchen Cabinet Makers

Looking for sound advice on your Stafford Kitchen Renovation?

The team at Haddon Kitchens have been designing and producing quality Stafford kitchen cabinets for over 25 years. Our team has the skill and knowledge to ensure that your Stafford kitchen renovation turns into the dream kitchen you have be waiting for.

From the initial design phase our team is able to share with you there knowledge and experience to ensure right the way through to completion your new kitchen meets and exceeds your expectations.

Stafford Kitchen Renovations

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Cabinet Maker Stafford

We utilise the latest kitchen software you so can see 3D what you new Stafford kitchen renovation will look like. Our kitchen showroom has an extensive range of products on display so that you can experience a variety of materials before your decide on your products selections. From stone benchtop waterfall ends to laminate benchtops we can assist with every aspect of the kitchen.

With a range of products available for your Stafford kitchen you will have plenty to choose from. We recommend that you browse through our collection of kitchen galleries for ideas and our design layout section for more information.

Haddon Kitchens & Cabinets are based in Nerangba in Brisbane's north. Our team of professional cabinet makers and experienced tradespeople service all area's of Brisbane, including Stafford and Stafford Heights.

Professional Kitchen Renovations Stafford

Haddon Kitchens and Cabinets has all your Stafford kitchen renovation needs covered. Give us a call on 07 3204 0399, fill out our Quote Request form or come in to our kitchen showroom for expert advice and professional service. We will assist in any way we can!

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Address: Unit 1-2, 11 Business Drive Narangba, Brisbane QLD 4504

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Telephone: (07) 3204 0399

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