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Often considered a work room, the laundry frequently frustrates home owners. Most people know exactly what they want to have in their laundry but just can't make it all fit. If designed properly the laundry can be a room with a welcome difference.

Unsightly washing machine hoses and taps coming out of the wall above the bench can all be hidden away under the bench (the same as a dishwasher in the kitchen) and in the majority of cases the clothes dryer can be ducted externally.

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Need Laundry Cupboard Storage?

Broom and ironing board storage is easy with the installation of a tall cabinet, or why not have a built-in ironing board hidden away until needed. A permanent hanging rod for those freshly ironed clothes relieves the pressure of putting hangers on cupboard door handles.

Need somewhere for the vacuum cleaner to go? In the laundry cabinet. What about all those cleaning products that get stored in under the kitchen sink? A safer alternative is an over bench cabinet in the laundry, away from little hands.

There are many different ways to design a laundry to accommodate all of those things that have to go ‘somewhere’ and to maximise the space available.

Custom Laundry Designs

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Laundry Renovation Brisbane       Custom Laundry Brisbane


Haddon Kitchens and Cabinets have designed and installed many great laundry cabinets for homes like yours. For more laundry design tips and to view some of our great work see our blog post on Laundry Renovation.

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