Single Line Kitchen- Brisbane

About the Single Line Kitchen

This style of kitchen is commonly used in small space situations such as apartments or cabins. The layout positions all appliances and work areas in one row.

Creative storage ideas benefit this plan and much can be achieved in a small space. Products such as Blum cabinet solutions with large draws rather than cabinets for full use of storage depth, pull out shelving for pantry's and the Blum Aventos range to remove the need for outward folding overhead cabinet doors.


Single Line Kitchen Benefits

  • Great for small spaces
  • Everything only a step away
  • Can be extended or compacted to fit almost any area
  • Incorporate a microwave in the upper cabinetry to create extra bench space
  • Add full height cabinets to ceiling for more storage space
  • Works well with open designs found in many homes
  • Can be enhanced with an island bench or moveable work bench
  • Can allow for a small table or dining setting
  • Can be screened off from main living area

Single Line Kitchen Disadvantages

  • No breakfast bar
  • No work triangle
  • Minimal bench space
  • Restricted storage if not designed correctly

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