Custom Wine Racks Brisbane

Solve your wine storage issues with a built-in wine rack

Incorporate a custom wine rack into your complete kitchen renovation. Have your full wine selection on hand in the kitchen or tuck the wine rack away into the pantry. Due to the modular nature of wine racks, your placement options are endless.

The size of your custom wine racks is only limited to the space available. We have produced wine storage racks for 6 bottles and others, for serious collectors, of up to 600 wine bottles.

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Advantages of using wine racks for wine storage

There are several advantages to storing wine in racks from space saving to wine saving.

  • Space-saving - storing wine in wine racks means you can stack a lot of wine in a small space. Utilising vertical storage allows for the use of otherwise wasted space above or between cabinets.
  • It's good for the wine quality - by storing your wine on the side you can keep the cork moist and prevent shrinkage. This prohibits oxygen from seeping into the bottle and potentially destroying your wine.
  • Racks provide a dark place - wine is best stored out of direct sunlight. Over-exposure to UV rays can cause the wine to develop an unpleasant smell.
  • Dedicated space - installing a built-in wine rack provides a dedicated space to store your wine for long periods removing the need to shuffle the wine around your house. Wine benefits from minimum movement during storage.
  • Isolate from strong aroma's - wine can absorb strong smells from other products it is stored with. Keeping your wine on the shelf next to the soy sauce or chilli paste can affect the wine even if the cork is still intact.

Custom Wine Storage Racks Brisbane

Our kitchen renovation design team can integrate a custom wine rack into your complete kitchen renovation to provide your home with a dedicated wine storage area to age, display or just hold your wine until the weekend.

Using a selection of materials our experienced cabinet makers can create a wide variety of wine racks including wooden wine racks, wall mounted wine racks and built -n wine rack cabinets. This is just one of the quality custom cabinets we can make to complete your full renovation.

Ask our team about adding a custom wine rack to your renovation by calling 07 3204 0399, completing our quote request form or calling into our Brisbane showroom.

Custom wine racks for large or small wine collectionsWhy not include a wine rack in your kitchen renovation
Custom wine storage solutions - room for 60 wine bottles!Use the end of your kitchen cabinet for a wine storage area
Wine racks in your home bar? Why not!Utilise every space in your kitchen. We can include a wine rack in your kitchen renovation

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