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Vibrant splash of colour

Gaining inspiration from an existing colour in their home the owners of this Banksia Beach property have added a vibrant splash to their new kitchen in the form of a stunning deep aqua green splashback. By keeping the rest of the kitchen neutral or white the bright splashback feature is allowed to be the star!

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What is Silestone? A versatile benchtop option Silestone is an engineered stone made of 94% natural quartz. The Silestone range spans more 90 colours with four different finishes to choose from including suede, polished, and volcano. Perfect for busy kitchens, Silestone is non-porous, stain and acid resistant, as well as having superior impact and scratch protection.

  • 20 mm Silestone engineered stone benchtop in 'Blanco Stellar Snow'
  • Two pack 'White' 60% gloss cabinets with a door profile
  • Glass splashback in green was custom created to match the window architrave colour
  • Blum Antaro soft close drawers
  • Blum Clip Top with Blumotion soft close hinges
  • Two pack kickboards to match cabinets
  • Owner supplied handles
  • Large breakfast bar

Banksia Beach kitchen remodel

Products used to achieve this design

Silestone Blanco Stellar Snow

Kitchen benchtop - Silestone Blanco Stellar Snow
Blum Clip Top with Blumotion

Cabinet hinges - Blum Clip Top with Blumotion
Blum Antaro

Drawers - Blum Antaro