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Deciding on the main style of your kitchen renovation can be a daunting but enjoyable task. A great kitchen is in the details, which is where our design team come in, we've been helping Brisbane homeowners create their perfect kitchens for over 30 years. If you have a kitchen design in mind, need some inspiration, or have no idea where to start we will guide you every step of the way.

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Our kitchen galleries have examples of every different style, layout, and size to help with ideas and inspiration. The Our Projects section has photos, product lists, and details of more than 130 kitchen renovation projects our team have carried out throughout Brisbane.

Whether you're installing a kitchen in a new home or carrying out a kitchen renovation in an existing property, Haddon Kitchens & Cabinets team of experienced kitchen design specialists and skilled cabinetmakers can help with everything from start to finish.


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Our kitchen showroom is also a great place to gather ideas and view samples of many components such as benchtops, cabinet doors, handles, and hardware for your renovation.

Haddon Kitchens & Cabinets can develop your custom design through our unique design process and turn it into a beautiful, functional kitchen which meets all the needs of your family and home.

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