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About the galley kitchen

This design is the style of kitchen preferred by most professional chefs - with everything just at your fingertips or step away. Incredibly functional and easy to work in, this style provides ample bench space around each major appliance.

The open ends of this kitchen provide a great flow to the space and allow for easy entry and exit. When both sides of the kitchen are built along walls, over bench cabinetry can be maximised to create extra storage opportunities.

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galley kitchen layout

Galley kitchen benefits

  • Excellent use of the kitchen triangle
  • Lots of workspace and cabinets on either side
  • Great for small apartments with limited space
  • Workbenches on either side are highly functional
  • Great for small kitchens
  • Great for one cook to move around
  • No clashing drawer, cabinet appliance openings
  • Can have one side open as a breakfast bar

Galley kitchen disadvantages

  • Can be a difficult space for more than one person working in the kitchen at a time
  • Needs good lighting as can be dark - lights may need to be added under overhead cabinets

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