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Bathroom Lighting Plan

Bathroom Lighting Plan

We have all experienced bathrooms with bad lighting, where it's a struggle to shave or put on your make up in a dark mirror. Dim showers can leave you feeling dull and un-invigorated. Ultra bright lights are just as bad, giving you a blueish complexion, adding a blinding beam and using unnecessary power.

When planning your bathroom renovation it is essential to pay close attention to the lighting to avoid all these issues. Take into consideration the amount of natural light the bathroom gets during different times of the day. Also examine when the bathroom is used the most, common times are early morning and early evening, how is the natural light during these times?

Using indirect and diffused lighting in your bathroom renovation avoids mirror glare, dark spots and creates a relaxing, serine feel. Multiple lights with individual switches allows for targeted lighting, the light over the vanity is not going to be helpful when you are in the shower. This will also help cut your power bill as only the needed lights will be used.

Here are some more bathroom lighting tips

  • Using above mirror lighting avoids shadows on your face.
  • Translucent white diffusers help reduce glare.
  • Placing lighting beside your bathroom mirror is great for both task and accent lighting. 
  • Recessed lighting keeps the lighting subtle and can be easily placed where needed, over the mirror, shower, bath or toilet.
  • If subtle is not your thing, placing statement lighting in your bathroom is a fantastic way to add personality to the space. Anything from LED strip lighting to a chandelier can be functional whilst decorative.
  • Light/heater/exhaust fittings work well in conjunction with task lighting.
  • The use of dimmers allows you to create a soft light for relaxing in the bath.
  • A skylight can add natural light to internally placed bathrooms.
  • An elegant light shade can add style and avoid glare from naked bulbs.
  • As the bathroom is a wet area ensure all of your fittings and lights are water resistant. A paper or fabric light shade would not be ideal in the bathroom. 
  • Consider how the light will reflect off your tiles (both wall and floor), benchtop, cabinets and mirror. A white or light coloured room will react differently to light than a dark room.

The design you choose will effect your day to day life so take the time at the planning stage to consider all aspects and enjoy your bathroom for years.

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