Bathroom Trends in 2021

Bathroom Trends in 2021

Published: August 20, 2014 Last Updated: August 23, 2021

Are you thinking of doing a bathroom renovation this year? See what the trends are for bathroom renovations in 2021.

The bathroom is a focal point of the home and, when done correctly, bathroom remodelling will add value to your house. The bathroom is a private haven to many; a place to help us wake up and rejuvenate in the mornings and a place to unwind and relax in the evening. The bathroom is the place you can lock yourself in, to indulge or lock the rest of the world out, to refocus. Having such an important role in the home, your bathroom renovation should be carefully considered.

2014 Bathroom Trends

Bathroom trends in 2021 are all about functionality, seamlessness and bold accents. A lot of the trends revolve around keeping things clean, simple and practical. Here we offer eight of the latest trends to consider with your bathroom renovations.

Colour is making a name for itself

The hottest trend for bathroom renovations in 2021 is colour. Bright explosions, contrasted with muted tones will invigorate your space. This season’s colours are bright greens, oranges and teals.

Colourful Bathroom Renovation

Wood is not just for the Swedes!

Timber and other natural materials are popular in bathroom remodelling in 2021.

Wood Bathroom Renovations

Coloured tapware

As an extension of the colour explosions, coloured taps are a hit this year and will continue to be for a while. Predominantly black, followed by brass, white, red and then any colour you desire.

Coloured Tapware

Matte tiles

The all-white bathroom will remain a classic, timeless look, but if you want your bathroom to breathe with modern style, then neutral matte tiles can be used to line the walls or floor of the shower. Then, of course, add some contrast with splashes of colour.

Matte Tile Bathroom Renovations

Curbless and frameless showers

The trend for shower space in 2014 is continuous and seamless. Flooring will run right into the shower cubicle, rather than stopping at the shower curb.

Frameless Shower

A private, spa escape

Incorporating the trend towards natural wood and extending the focus on a need to have a bathroom to escape to, designers are including steam shower rooms, saunas and hot tubs in their 2021 designs.

Spa Bathroom Remodelling

Open, walk-in showers

The ultimate in luxury; when individuality and personal style is affordable, a custom built, walk-in shower is a growing trend in a bathroom renovation.

Walk in Shower

Glamorous hotel style

Well, why not? We all love the luxury of staying in a 5-star hotel and indulging in the bathroom; now you can have one in your own home! Go big, bright and glamorous.

Hotel Bathroom Style

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