Clever bathroom storage solutions

Clever bathroom storage solutions

Published: May 19, 2015 Last Updated: February 01, 2021

It always seems to be a struggle to keep the bathroom tidy and clutter free. It's the room, second only to the kitchen, which usually gets used multiple times a day, and often in a hurry. Even the most tidy among us are guilty of leaving the bathroom a mess when we're in a rush.

Clever Bathroom Storage Solutions

The task of placing everything back into already over stuffed cabinets becomes a chore for busy households. So what's the solution? To thinking creatively.

There are many clever storage solutions for your bathroom mess issues you just need to think outside the square. Lot's of bathrooms suffer from being short on space, the key is to look for innovative storage ideas.

Recessed shelf in shower

This small shelf either adds to the shower caddy storage or it replaces it. It's the perfect place for shampoo, soap, etc, and stops the clutter accumulating on the shower floor.

Recessed shower shelf
Recessed shelf in shower

Over toilet shelf or cabinet

The wall space over the toilet is often totally wasted space. Installing a slim cabinet or open shelving gives you somewhere to store items like extra toilet rolls, hand towels etc. Keeping it slim avoids the issue of knocking your head every time you flush.

Under mirror ledge

Adding a small ledge under the mirror and above the vanity benchtop stores everything out of the wet area around the sink and is the perfect place for the toothbrushes, hand soap and other item's which need to stay handy.

Vanity Shelf
Vanity shelf


Hooks can be fitted anywhere there is a gap on the wall, at the end of cabinets or on the back of the bathroom door. Placing hooks at various height caters for all members of the family. Hooks are ideal for small bathrooms where towel rack space is in short supply.

Narrow cabinets

Perfect for the small spaces between the bath and vanity or toilet and shower, tall narrow cabinets can add storage to even the tightest gaps. Great for linen, towel or appliances like the hair dryer or straightener.

Under vanity drawers

Using the area under the bathroom vanity is a no brainer but placing drawers or slide out shelving makes this sometimes awkward space easy to access. No more bending or kneeling on the floor to get to items at the back..

Boxes and baskets

Loose storage such as boxes or baskets fit well under cabinets or beside toilets and can be changed around or updated easily.

Go high

Open shelving above the door, vanity or even over windows adds space for those seldom used items or can be used for decorative pieces.

High shelf
High shelf

Cabinet behind the full length mirror

We have been designing bathrooms with cabinets behind the small mirror over the vanity for decades. A modern twist - if your bathroom has space available for a full length mirror use the area behind for a larger, slim cabinet, perfect for toiletries and bath supplies.

Laundry cabinet

Building in a space for the laundry hamper removes another piece of bathroom clutter. The cabinet can be custom designed for your families laundry requirements.

Bench seat

If your bathroom has the space, you could create a built in bench seat with cabinets underneath.

Customised cabinets can fit around, above or below just about anything in your bathroom. Get creative with the space and you'll be surprised how much you can fit in.

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