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Haddon Kitchens & Cabinets specialise in complete kitchen renovations. We do not do partial renovations.

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Cabinetry options for your new kitchen

IMPORTANT - Haddon Kitchens & Cabinets can provide a wide range of cabinet doors and panels for our custom kitchen renovations . As we specialise in complete kitchen renovations, we do not supply ‘cabinet doors only’ for existing kitchens or DIY kitchens.


Available in a wide variety of colours and textures, melamine is a very easy to maintain, practical choice for cabinet doors. The edges of the doors are covered by a 2mm PVC edging material that can match the colour of the melamine. This preferred type of edging gives the door a very impact resistant finish, as well as being slightly rounded over and eliminating those sharp edges of the past.

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Vacuum Formed

We do not recommend using 'vacuum formed' (vinyl wrap) doors for your kitchen cabinetry .

Timber Veneer

Sheets of natural timber veneer are bonded onto both sides of a substrate board. The finished sheet of board is then cut into various door sizes and a 0.4mm or 2mm matching veneer stripping is bonded onto the edges. Being raw timber, it then needs to be clear lacquered for protection and to bring out the natural beauty of the grain. A ‘two-pack’ clear lacquer is the recommended coating for this type of door.

Two Pack

Very popular in recent times is the two pack kitchen (sometimes written ‘2 pac’) It is a specialised two-part painted finish to the face and edges of doors and panels. A hardener is mixed with the paint which produces a very hard wearing surface. Like other paints, it is available in almost any colour and the gloss level can vary from high gloss to satin finish to matt finish.


Timber kitchens always vary in popularity as trends change but still remain timeless as a choice for the natural look. There are many different species of timber and a large range of door and panel styles to select from. Usually, a single pack clear lacquer is applied to the finished timber doors, or the more expensive two pack clear lacquer can be used if a harder surface is required. Timber vanity units should always be coated with two pack clear lacquer because of the wet area environment.

Farmers Doors

The Farmers Doors range of doors, panels and feature mouldings are manufactured using a combination of natural timber veneers, plantation hoop pine, MDF board and quality adhesives. The frame and panel construction throughout virtually guarantees an indestructible product. There are numerous colours, finishes and styles available to give the completed kitchen or cabinet a truly unique look.

More information can be found - Farmers Doors

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