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Haddon Kitchens & Cabinets specialise in complete kitchen renovations. We do not do partial renovations.

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Top quality Blum cabinetry lift systems

Haddon Kitchens understands the importance of having your kitchen designed for life which is why we use Blum hardware, including the versatile Blum Aventos range, to ensure your kitchen will stand the test of time. The majority of Blum products come with a lifetime warranty- now that is quality.

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Experience the Blum Aventos lift systems

Blum Servo-Drive for Aventos

Servo-Drive for Aventos offers a lift system which opens with a light touch - and then closes again with the press of a button. This revolutionary electrical motion support system, Servo-Drive for Aventos, can be used with or without cabinet handles.

Servo-Drive for Aventos can be used with all six Blum lifting types.

  • Aventos HF - ideal bi-fold opening doors or high or large cabinet fronts
  • Aventos HS - wall cabinet front swings out, up and over the cabinet
  • Aventos HL - front lifts out and up parallel to the cabinet
  • Aventos HK - cabinet door pivots up, ideal for mid-wall units or cabinets over the fridge
  • Aventos HK-S - perfect for small wall cabinets
  • Aventos HK-XS - a compact stay lift for high wall cabinets or cabinets with a low depth

Just a few advantages of Blum Aventos range are:

  • Opportunities for handless furniture
  • Easy opening with a light touch on the front
  • Easy closing at the press of a button
  • Integrated collision avoidance
  • Obstruction-free access to the cabinet
  • Blum Blumotion means silent and effortless closing action

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