Renovating your kitchen FAQs

Frequently asked questions when renovating a kitchen

Got questions about your kitchen renovation? Take a look at our FAQ's for answers to common renovation queries.

Are we able to use some of our old cupboards in the new kitchen renovation?

Sometimes the term ‘kitchen renovation’ can be interpreted in different ways. Do we mean we renovate the empty room with new kitchen cupboards, or do we renovate the existing kitchen cupboards within that room?

Our meaning of the term ‘kitchen renovation’ is when we remove the old cupboards and install new ones.

Can you give me a ballpark figure, I won’t hold you to it?

No sorry, we don’t give ballpark pricing.

We prefer to spend the time with you to determine your needs and budget, to arrive at a design that we can provide a fixed quote for. Sometimes ballpark figures are just a short term solution to what can later lead to an embarrassing situation.

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Can you organise the plumber, electrician and anyone else you need for the job?

Yes we can, actually we prefer to do it that way.

We have a qualified team of reliable tradesmen that we’ve been working with for many years who we coordinate to complete the installation with us. We are fully licensed with the Queensland Building & Construction Commission to engage these other trades to work in your home and this service is included in our contract with you. Customers then only have to deal with us and we are in control of the renovation from the beginning to the end.

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Can’t you just duct the rangehood into the ceiling cavity?

No, absolutely not.

If a rangehood can’t be ducted through an external wall or up through the roof, the air must be recirculated back into the room. This works fine if the aluminium filters are kept clean and the recommended secondary charcoal filter is replaced periodically. The ideal situation is for the air to be ducted to the outside of the house, which we engage a specialist rangehood installer to do for us.

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Could you give me a quote on fitting new benchtops and doors to my existing kitchen cupboards?

No sorry. We specialise in complete new kitchen renovations where we remove the existing kitchen entirely and start again.

Although starting again will cost a bit more initially, this is the better option in the long term.

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Do you design and install wardrobes?

Yes we do.

Some wardrobe companies will arrive at your home with a stack of whiteboard shelving and assemble the wardrobe onsite with a series of connectors and fittings. Our process is different in that our wardrobes are made here in our factory in custom made module form. We then bring them to your home and fit them to the wall or into a wardrobe alcove. We feel that this process makes the end result look much neater and we also spend less time onsite.

Do you only make kitchens?

No, not at all. We’ve always specialised in kitchens, but that is far from being all that we do. We can also design and install laundries, bathrooms, bars, and individual custom made cabinets! However these additional services are only offered in addition to a full kitchen reno.

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Do you provide free quotes?

Yes we do.

We realise that a quote is a service. It’s a free service that we provide in the belief that we are able to use our experience in the industry to satisfy your needs and budget which will result in you selecting us to carry out the project.

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How much does the average kitchen cost?

Sorry, almost impossible to answer.

There’s no such thing as average when it comes to kitchens. Options such as different kitchen styles, types of benchtops, doors, numbers of drawers, standard drawers or soft close drawers, design etc.etc. all have a bearing on cost.

I want my old kitchen stripped out and totally renovated. Do you do that sort of work?

Yes we relish this sort of work.

Renovating an existing kitchen from scratch and seeing the transformation is a very rewarding and satisfying experience for all concerned.

I want my whole bathroom stripped out and totally renovated. Do you do that sort of work?

Unfortunately we don't do complete bathroom renovations anymore.

If my new kitchen requires doors, windows and walls shifted, can you do that?

No. Our QBCC license is a restricted builders license which means we aren’t allowed to shift anything that is load bearing. However, we can engage a registered builder to carry out this work and then include their services and costs in our contract with you.

What is two pack?

Basically ‘two pack’ is paint. There is a paint (supplying the colour) and there is a hardener product. The two are mixed together to form a two part (or two pack) solution. Normal house paint would be termed ‘single pack’ paint.

When you hear of a ‘two pack’ kitchen (sometimes it is written 2 pac) it means the face and edges of the kitchen doors, drawer fronts and panels are painted with this very hard two pack paint.