Timber benchtops for your new kitchen?

Incorporate timber benchtops into your kitchen

Haddon Kitchens & Cabinets can provide a wide range of benchtops for our custom kitchen renovations . As we specialise in complete kitchen renovations, we do not supply ‘benchtops only’ for existing kitchens or DIY kitchens.

Haddon Kitchens can custom design a wide range of wooden benchtops give you the exciting new kitchen that you have always dreamed of. Timber benchtops are able to provide you with a smooth and stylish surface that is able to add warmth and richness to any kitchen.

Wood has long been used as a decorative material and is able to provide both traditional and modern statements.

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Wooden benchtops that stand the test of time

Haddon Kitchens use laminated timber for the manufacturing of the wooden benchtops.

Laminated timber is narrow strips of timber that are glued together to form a slab of the required size. It’s done this way to make the timber benchtop more stable and so it won’t twist or ‘cup’ like a solid slab of timber will. Haddon Kitchens don’t supply solid slabs because they are far too prone to failures.

How are the timber benchtop made hardwearing?

Haddon Kitchens timber benchtops are always coated with ‘two pack clear polyurethane lacquer’ on all sides which makes for a very hard wearing surface. The polyurethane also gives the timber benchtop a high gloss finish and makes it much more durable than a traditional oiled timber bench top.

Haddon Kitchens have been supplying quality kitchen benchtops and cabinetry to Brisbane for over 26 years. If you would like to talk about your next project we invite you to our Brisbane Kitchen showroom to see firsthand the quality of the products we supply and our craftsmanship.

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