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Advantages of using a kitchen cabinet maker Brisbane

Advantages of using a kitchen cabinet maker Brisbane

An experienced kitchen cabinet maker can ensure your kitchen renovation runs smoothly, is carried out to the highest standard and is completed without any nasty surprises. 

Why would you decide to go any other way with your kitchen cabinet renovations? 

To save money? Let's just think about that. Flat pack kitchens promise savings and ease of installation. Really? Have you ever put together a relatively simple book shelf flat pack? STRESS!! It's never as simple as it seems. Marriages have fallen apart due to flat pack assembly, friends have stopped speaking and children have learnt four letter words not normally uttered by their parents. The only winners are the bottle shops.

What about buying a flat pack and getting your brother-in-law who is pretty handy to put it together? Great idea. Or not. We have heard the horror stories of incomplete jobs. Homes without kitchens for months because the 'Bro' had to go out of town for some reason or had other commitments at the last minute.

What about using that company someone told you was really cheap? There is a reason they are cheap. Not all cabinetry is the same quality and not all workmanship is of the same standards. The old saying 'You get what you pay for' applies to kitchen cabinet suppliers too.

Kitchen Cabinet Renovation

The reasons you would trust your kitchen cabinet renovation to a professional, qualified kitchen cabinet maker are:

  • Quality workmanship - a great kitchen is all in the detail. A slight miss measurement here, a small variation in level there can affect the whole outcome of your kitchen.
  • Quality products - Your kitchen needs to last at least 15-20 years. Well made kitchen cabinets will stand the test of time. Premium quality kitchen hardware like Blum will open and close over and over without fault.
  • Reliable service - Living without a kitchen is a tough ask for a household. Knowing when your new kitchen will be complete is one of the only things to get you through having to wash up in the laundry, cook on the camp stove and run to the fridge in the garage or worse still stay at your mother-in-law's.
  • Coordinate tradespeople - This is not a simple task. Knowing that your kitchen cabinet maker is scheduling tradespeople removes a huge stress from kitchen renovating. The plumber, electrician, tiler or splashback installer need to come and go at pivotal times for the whole project to proceed on time.
  • Knowledge - not all projects run smoothly. Having confidence in your kitchen cabinet makers ability to deal with the unexpected is worth a lot.

Kitchen Cabinet Maker Brisbane

If you need any more reasons to use a professional established kitchen cabinet maker give us a call. Our team have been renovating kitchens in Brisbane for 28 years. Our kitchen cabinet makers tick all the above criteria and more. Trust your kitchen cabinet renovations to Haddon Kitchens and receive the best renovation Brisbane has to offer.

Call us on 07 3204 0399 or complete our Quote Request today.


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