Do you have to seal granite benchtops?

Granite benchtops are a common choice for people looking for a functional yet stylish option to suit most areas. You may have noticed that granite has an almost 'glitter-like' effect, which is caused by the crystalline structure that makes up the stone, and can come in a variegated or consistent pattern.

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Do you have to seal granite benchtops?

Unlike other types of stone fixtures including Marble and Quartz, Granite is particularly hardy with a unique natural resistance when it comes to any sort of potential staining and wear and tear. Due to its porous characteristics however, we would recommend getting a Granite bench sealed to stop fluids being absorbed into the surface itself which causes temporary discoloration. Oil on the other hand, can also cause discoloration and will stain if left too long.

Granite benchtop sealers

Granite benchtops have a penetrating sealer applied to the stone in the factory and again at installation time. This watery solution is very easy to apply periodically and soaks into the pores of the stone. This will not only ensure that granite based benchtops remain in good condition but this also aims to prevent ongoing damage. The sealer fills the pores of the granite benchtop thus allowing you more time to clean up spills when they occur.

How often should I seal my granite benchtops?

Seal it when it’s needed. Granite will not stain as easily compared to other stone surfaces though we do recommend sealing granite benchtops at least once each year to make it easier to clean and maintain. A sealed surface regardless of physical properties will also prevent oils and fat being absorbed into the granite if left too long - giving you more time to clean up the kitchen.

How do you know when granite needs to be sealed?

Do a quick absorption test to check the current seal on your granite bench. Simply pour small amounts of water on various sections of your bench and time the time it takes to fully absorb. If it takes longer than 40 minutes there is no need to seal, if it takes less than 10 minutes to absorb you should definitely think about resealing.


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