What are the different types of stone benchtops?

When it comes to choosing a stone benchtop for your kitchen renovation, it can be a pretty tricky job. From sizing to placement to materials and everything in between, you want to ensure you choose the best options for your space... but, with so many possibilities, it can become a huge job!

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That's why we thought we'd save you some time and hassle, and put together a list of the different stone benchtop options available for almost every room in your home. From granite to quartz to marble, we've got you covered. If you have any further questions, give Haddon Kitchens a call on 07 3204 0399 and we can assist.

Different types of stone benchtops

There are quite a few kinds of stone benchtops, as well as 'sub-styles' (think 'white stone benchtop', 'dark stone benchtop' and 'natural stone benchtop') from which you can choose from. The use of stone as a benchtop is both practical and beautiful to look at, whilst being easy to maintain and quality material in so many ways. We have therefore decided to list some of the more popular options, however, this list is in no way exhaustive. Speak to your local kitchen reno professional if you would like to know more about any particular stone benchtops, or any other options that may not be listed here.

Granite Benchtops

Granite benchtops are a common choice for people looking for a functional yet stylish option to suit most areas. You may have noticed that granite has an almost 'glitter-like' effect, which is caused by the crystalline structure that makes up the stone and can come in a variegated or consistent pattern. A big benefit of granite is its non-porous nature, meaning it is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and can hold its own against most spills. This makes it more hard-wearing than other stone options, especially marble, but can still look good.

Granite also offers the option of differing finishes to suit almost any room. From matte greys to bright reds to neutral hues, you have a huge range of options to choose from every time.

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Caesarstone Benchtops

Caesarstone benchtops, otherwise known as 'engineered stone' or 'quantum quartz', are durable stone benchtops that come in a huge range of colours and generally do not discolour over time. They do not have great heat resistance (when compared to options like stainless steel) but are structured in a way that means they are quite resistant to other kinds of damage (like food spillages).

Marble Benchtops

Another well-known option for benchtops is marble (even if it is considered a more expensive choice). Marble benchtops are stunning to look at, and can become a centrepiece to a room very easily due to their variegated features (each piece offers unique patterns only that slab can offer). Marble is quite porous, however, and can stain, scratch and mark quite easily, meaning it will need to be well-cared for (and perhaps placed somewhere with a little less traffic than most rooms).

Quartz Benchtops

Quartz benchtops are another non-porous option, meaning it resists staining a lot better than other options. They are durable and, due to their structure, are more forgiving (meaning cracking and chipping don't occur as easily). They are also stain-resistant and due to their non-porous nature, don't harbour bacteria or other nasties.

Essastone Benchtops

Essastone benchtops are known for being both strong and durable, being both scratch and stain resistant and very hard-wearing. They come in a range of colours and are extremely versatile, making them a common choice for many areas of your home.... they also don't require sealing, which is one less thing to worry about!

Reconstituted Stone Benchtops

Reconstituted stone benchtops, otherwise known as engineered stone, are manufactured from a blend of aggregate chips, resins, pigments and other binders. This manufacturing process makes the finished product very consistent in colour from one slab to another. They are also nonporous, scratch resistant, stain resistant, heat resistant and don't require sealing.

Q-Stone Benchtops

Benchtops made of Q-Stone are water resistant, as well as scratch-proof, stain resistant and heat resistant (and don't forget impact resistant too!). One of the big benefits of Q-Stone is that it offers a range of colours that aren't available in natural stone and don't occur naturally, as well as not requiring regular sealing.

What about other stone benchtop options?

The above choices aren't the only available stone benchtop options around. You can also have slate, soapstone, onyx and limestone (among many others). It really depends on your space and your needs as to which option is the best for your circumstances.

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