What is the average cost of a kitchen renovation?

There are a host of aspects to consider when planning your reno but having a clear idea of how much the kitchen renovation will cost is absolutely essential and will flow on to guide all other decisions.

With so many variations possible between seemingly similar renovations, it’s really difficult to compare apples with apples. One home could require a straight replacement of updated cabinets whereas another of a similar size and style could require custom cabinets to solve some tricky storage issues.

This is just one example of the endless variations which make it incredibly difficult to provide a price guide for your kitchen renovation, it is also the reason our team provide custom kitchen reno quotes for every customer.

Kitchen Reno

Kitchen remodel costs

Please use the following budget guide as just that, a guide only. We recommend speaking to a professional builder or renovator to get a specific price to remodel the kitchen in your home.

  • Basic renovation - $10,000 to $18,000
  • Mid-range renovation - $25,000 to $35,000
  • Premium kitchen renovation - $40,000 +
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Kitchen reno budget variations

Here are just a few of the variations which will affect the price of your kitchen reno:

  • Size - a small kitchen = fewer materials needed to fit it out, a large kitchen = more cabinets, benchtop area, tiles, splashback etc
  • Style - a modern minimalist kitchen design can often be achieved for less than a more involved style such as French Provincial.
  • Relocating plumbing - moving plumbing fixtures and pipes can add to your expenses. If you want to keep costs down leave features like the sink and dishwasher in the same spot in the reno.
  • Layout - keeping the layout similar to that of your old kitchen can help to reduce costs. Knocking out walls, moving plumbing and electrical, and relaying flooring can all add to your budget.
  • Cabinetry and benchtop materials - there are good quality options in every budget but if you have your heart set on a granite benchtop you’ll definitely pay more than someone who is happy with a laminate or engineered stone option.
  • Appliances - a standard built-in oven can range from around a basic electric oven for $500 to a premium pyrolytic oven with a steam function at around $2,500. When you consider your cooktop and rangehood as well as other options like a built-in microwave or coffee machine, integrated fridge, dishwasher, garbage disposal unit, etc the appliances you choose could make a significant difference to your budget.

Deciding which features or aspects are a priority to you is essential and will help you choose where to allocate your spending so the finished kitchen has all the features that are important to you and your family.

Kitchen Remodel Project

How much should I spend on the different aspects?

Average breakdown:

  • 30% on kitchen cabinets and hardware
  • 10% for benchtops
  • 14% for kitchen appliances
  • 4 - 5% to cover plumbing
  • 5% for electrical work
  • 2-5% for flooring
  • Labour
  • Lighting
  • Miscellaneous - doors, windows, window coverings, painting, splashback

It is essential to allow for unexpected expenses in your budget.

Renovating your kitchen to sell your home

If you are renovating your kitchen to sell your home the jury is out on whether a kitchen remodel adds value or just makes it easier to sell. This can be true for both but it’s important to not rely on getting an equal or increased return on your investment just because you’ve gone all out on a kitchen renovation with all the bells and whistles.

Get advice from the kitchen renovation professionals

In all cases, regardless of your budget, we recommend seeking the advice and assistance of kitchen renovation professionals. We can almost guarantee that there are aspects, potential costs, or random services you have not even considered that an experienced reno expert will pick up often saving a lot of time and money across the project.


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