Kitchen makeovers or kitchen renovations?

Transforming your kitchen design

For every kitchen, there is a time when it loses its touch. The stove top and tap might not work like they used to, or maybe your kitchen is outdated.

Homeowners who wish to transform their kitchen must make the decision if they will complete a kitchen makeover or a full kitchen renovation. These processes are both similar in some ways but it is often that kitchen renovations produce the best transformation results.

Here are some of the key differences between a simple makeover and a full kitchen renovation.

Kitchen makeovers

Do you still have the same kitchen you had 35 years ago? Maybe you’re not happy with your kitchen design as it is. Either way, kitchen makeovers are an option for homeowners on a budget.

This method focuses on restyling the design or look of your kitchen. This could be something as simple as changing the colour scheme of your kitchen to replacing the cabinets and stovetops. Kitchen makeovers can be cheaper but tend to be more of a short-term solution than kitchen renovations.

Kitchen renovations

Renovating your entire kitchen sounds like a huge task that will cost a lot. However, what a lot of homeowners find is that the results make the daunting process worth it.

A full kitchen renovation involves remodelling your entire kitchen. With this option, you can not only restyle the look of your kitchen, but you can change the entire layout of your kitchen. Unlike kitchen makeovers, you won't be limited to the existing configuration of your stove, sink and appliances. This method gives you the freedom of changing your kitchen exactly how you would like to.

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When your kitchen is renovated, you will upgrade the built-in stovetop or the piping under the sink by replacing the existing one. This happens in most renovations which makes them more expensive than makeovers. Although they may seem more expensive in the beginning, by replacing these features of your kitchen during the renovation, you will eliminate the risk of any damage to your home from outdated features. This could include water damage to your home from worn pipes or fire hazards from a faulty stove top or oven.

By investing in a full kitchen renovation, you will not only be gifted with a kitchen that you will enjoy using, but you will also have peace of mind knowing your kitchen won’t cost you in the future.

Can I do my kitchen renovation or makeover myself?

For anyone thinking of doing a DIY kitchen makeover or renovation, it is a bad idea. Without the proper training and qualifications, DIY remodelling is dangerous and you will often be unsatisfied with the end result.

Firstly, planning a new design for your kitchen must be done with an experienced tradesperson. Without their input, you may trick yourself into planning for something that won’t work, leaving you disappointed and with the task of redesigning your initial plans.

Even if you manage to plan out the design appropriately, you still have to carry out the work. A renovation is physically demanding and must be done by a qualified person to ensure that the job is done right. The last thing you want to do is buy more than you need to simply because you did something incorrectly. A qualified tradesperson has had years of training in completing kitchen renovations, so the chances of something going wrong during the process are far lower than if you did it yourself.

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