Stainless Steel Benchtops

Looking to include stainless steel benchtops in your kitchen renovation?

Haddon Kitchens & Cabinets can provide a wide range of benchtops for our custom kitchen renovations . As we specialise in complete kitchen renovations, we do not supply ‘benchtops only’ for existing kitchens or DIY kitchens.

Most commonly used in commercial situations, stainless steel has also become popular as a domestic kitchen benchtop surface. It can be incorporated with stainless steel splashbacks to provide a very modern and minimalist look and feel. The look can also be softened when paired with the right mix of cabinetry.

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Stainless steel benchtops are virtually indestructible and will last a lifetime.

Haddon Kitchens & Cabinets have supplied and installed customised stainless steel benchtops to many domestic applications across Brisbane. They can be relied upon to deliver a hardwearing product that will stand the test of time.

Can stainless steel be used in commercial kitchens?

Yes, stainless steel benchtops provide an extremely hygienic surface. They are an ideal surface as stainless steel benchtops are easy to keep clean and can withstand high temperatures. Unfortunately, we don't work in commercial settings, we are purely residential.

What are the main benefits of stainless steel benchtops?

They are so durable and hardwearing that cleaning is a breeze. Stainless steel benchtops are also heat proof so hot pans and pots can be put straight onto the surface. They are also stain resistant, and will not chip.

Stainless steel is an iron-carbon alloy so that means that it will not corrode, rust and stain like other types of steel making it a great long life choice for your kitchen. Please keep in mind however that being steel it can be scratched.

How do you care for stainless steel benchtops?

Firstly they need to be washed with hot soapy water. Because the benchtops don’t have grooves and crevices cleaning is relatively easy. A specialist stainless steel polish is recommended to buff the surface, and to keep the benches looking shiny. This will also help keep the stainless surface clean.

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