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Kitchen Renovations Brisbane Style

Kitchen Renovations Brisbane Style

Published: December 16, 2021

Yes, that's right, Brisbane has it's own style. The country, city or area where you live can affect the design of your kitchen renovation . Every place has unique attributes which have a bearing on how the residents design their kitchens. Obviously not all kitchens are the same, that would be boring (for us and you), but lots have common features.

Brisbane has many defining aspects which can influence the style of kitchens we choose for our homes.

House Design - Housing in Brisbane includes many older styles such as the iconic Queenslander and Post war cottages, as well as large new homes which tend towards open plan living areas.

Climate - Brisbane is blessed with a very moderate sub tropical climate. Our winters are short and summers are long, hot and sometimes humid. We live with our homes open to the breeze.

Light - Even in the middle of winter we receive an average of nearly 200 hours of sunlight per month. (In comparison Melbourne only gets an average of 108 hours of sunlight in June.)

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Brisbane Kitchen Renovations

So how do all these things contribute to the Brisbane kitchen renovations style?

Older style housing used the flow of air through the home to cool it, which meant lots of windows and a central hall to catch any breezes. Polished floor boards and high ceilings also help the home stay cool in the heat of summer. Modern Queensland homes have large kitchens often combined with the lounge and dining area which enable this area to keep cool during summer. These homes also utilise floor tiles and modern insulation to keep away the summer heat.

Brisbane Kitchen Renovation

The result of all this is Brisbane kitchens often have clean lines and maximum storage to allow for minimum clutter. We use light, neutral colours to boost the natural light in the kitchen and have few if any window dressings. The flow of the kitchen is very important. The integration of the kitchen space into adjoining area's is emphasised with the use of Island benches, breakfast bars and by keeping the cabinetry to the walls.

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