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Bring pleasure to the kitchen with Blum

Bring pleasure to the kitchen with Blum

Published: December 16, 2021

Modern kitchen design can create a room which is not only a place to cook, but also a space to enjoy. New products offer flexibility in the style and practical use of your kitchen never seen before. Designers are continually looking at how we move within our kitchens and how to enhance the room design to respond better to our needs.

Creating cabinets which provide maximum storage and easy access throughout the kitchen space is made easy with the use of quality products from companies like Blum . The Blum product range includes a solution to almost every cabinetry issue.

Lift systems

Blum offers a lift system for overhead cabinets in any configuration for clear access and ease of use. The Aventos system has bi-fold, swing, lift and pivot options to suit most design options. These lift systems are perfect for hard to get to cabinets like those above the fridge or rangehood.

Blum Aventos HF
Blum Aventos HF lift system

Hinge systems

The award-winning Blum Clip Top hinge caters for a huge variety of cabinet doors including bi-fold, blind corners, glass doors, and aluminium frames. The hinge can be combined with Blum soft close Blomotion for a smooth, silent close every time. Or take it one step further with Tip-on mechanical opening for handless cabinets.

Blum Clip Top Blumotion
Blum Clip-Top hinge system with Blomotion

Box and runner systems

The movement away from traditional cabinets to large drawers for kitchen storage has presented its own set of challenges for designers. Heavy, often bulky items such as plates or pantry items can put a strain on the old style of drawer runner. Blum has produced a solution with a selection of box and runner systems which can be used for large drawers designed for heavy items (up to 60kgs with Blum Movento).

Blum Movento
Blum Movento runner system

Motion technology

Opening and closing cabinets and drawers is now a pleasure with the advancement of motion technology. Blumotion offers a soft, effortless close every time, no more slamming doors or half closes. Tip-On is an easy opening system ideal for sleek handle-less cabinet designs. Simply touch to open and press close, great for when your hands are full.

For the ultimate in kitchen functionality, Servo Drive is an electric motion support system which provides a single touch open and close. This technology can be used for many applications including built-in fridges, freezers, and dishwashers.

Blum Servo Drive Flex
Blum Servo Drive Flex

Blum kitchen hardware

For a quality, long lasting kitchen it pays to invest in premium hardware. For a kitchen that's a pleasure to work in, invest in Blum.

Images - Blum Australia - http://www.blum.com/au/en/

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