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The new era of kitchen storage

The new era of kitchen storage

Published: December 16, 2021 Last Updated: December 01, 2022

Kitchen storage has entered a new era. We are no longer restricted to static shelves and a tiny drawer or two. Unused space, overflowing utensil drawers, dark corners where Tupperware lids get lost or the fondue set gathers dust are a thing of the past. Modern storage design uses every available space, plus makes it easy to get to and enjoyable to use. One of the leaders in modern kitchen storage design is Blum.

Blum answers the storage dilemma questions by creating practical, well-functioning, quality kitchen hardware for just about every need and space. From clever under sink drawers to one-touch opening and closing systems, Blum makes working in your kitchen thoroughly pleasurable.

Consider using Blum hardware in your kitchen renovation for long-lasting functionality and seamless operation.

Deep, wide drawers

The idea of keeping items in a drawer rather than on shelves solves many issues. The old style of shallow, narrow drawers was fine for the knives and forks but just about anything else got jammed or just didn't fit in. The new approach to drawers is a deep, wide, high-sided design which can be used to store everything from crockery, pots and pans to cereal boxes or baking supplies. The pull-out functionality which was never there with a standard shelf means everything is easily accessible, even the items tucked right at the back.

Blum Tandembox Drawer
Blum Tandembox drawer

The Blum drawer runner system allows for seamless glide, even with a full drawer. This system also offers these very usable options:

  • Blumotion soft close
  • One touch Servo-Drive automatic opening
  • Tip-On for handless opening
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Creative cabinetry for every nook and cranny

Blum pull-out shelving

The simple act of replacing traditional shelving with pull-out, moveable shelves can revolutionise the usable space in your kitchen. Pantry shelves which are often narrow, deep and hard to get at can now be easily reached from the front or sides with the help of pull-out shelving.

Blum Pull Out Shelving

Blum pull-out shelving

Blum Space Corner

Often the most despised part of the kitchen, the corner cabinet has been the subject of many not-so-successful makeovers. Anyone who has ever had to clean around a lazy Susan, lost something down the back of a lazy Susan, or spun the thing 3 times before finding the container you're after knows the frustrations of having one of these shelving systems in the kitchen. The latest storage solution for the corner cabinet gets about as far away from previous ideas as possible. Space Corner is a drawer system designed to fit perfectly into the corner space with an angled front and fully extendible pull-outs which allow access to the very back. 5 years of intensive yoga practice just to reach a jar at the rear of the corner cabinet is a thing of the past.

Blum Space Corner

Blum Space Corner

Blum sink pull out

The dead space under the sink has been put to good use with a U-shaped drawer which wraps around the sink well and pipes creating a storage space for cleaning items and keeping the benchtop around the sink clutter-free.

Blum Sink Pull-out

Blum Sink pull out

Blum bin drawer

Customisable bin drawers keep rubbish and recycling out of sight and away from insects. Adding the Tip-On or Servo-Drive opening systems to the rubbish bin drawer provides hands-free use, great for sticky hands during cooking.

Blum Bin Drawer

Blum bin drawer pull out

Blum offers a practical solution to every kitchen storage need. To find out more about using Blum kitchen hardware in your kitchen renovation speak to our friendly team on 07 3204 0399 or complete our quote request form today.

Images - Blum Australia - http://www.blum.com/au/en/

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